Paris, je t’aime.

From 27th to 30th of December I was in Paris with two friends and it was banging! The photos speak more then a thousand words…

Worldplace Paris

Click for more…

**** Hotel Millennium Opera, nearby Lafayette and Printemps:

Hotel Millennium Opera


A waiting line in front of the LV Store… WHY…
A waiting line in front of LV…

What’s inside..? Check the next post!


Latest achievements:


Going out:

Going out

In Worldplace Paris:


Again, Worldplace Paris:


Paris, je t’aime.


One response to “Paris, je t’aime.

  1. J’aime Paris, I love Paris! It’s certainly a astonishing, magic, exquisite, marvoulous town! Maybe next year…
    It’s also a movie, it’s called: ‘Paris, je t’aime!’ It’s very nice, every region in Paris has a short movie filmed in their neighborhood. You get to see a little bit of every region in Paris and his art, culture shizzle. Great Succes! Cheers!

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