Sweet dreams

Now this is a bed.
 This bed is designed by Alberto Frias and it’s called the Pod Bed.

In the bed we find four Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro speakers and a 240-Watt MPS subwoofer. The Pod creates a sensual light, sound and space environment.  The temperature-controlled waterbed surface also has the ability to perform a crazy LED light show.

Why call it a Pod? Your iPod can be integrated in this bed, or your computer, or any source with music.  Hand-made, autographed and numbered for authenticity, the Transport Pod Bed is available in two sizes – six and eight feet in diameter. Priced at around $16,000, the Transport wants you to escape into a trance inducing field of color, music, and vibrations.

Just bought one? Now you’re gonna need music. Check the Brut Music section for some tunes…


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