$25,000 Mood Lights

Most personal decorating and collected artwork generally are taken to be a reflection of one’s tastes. But artist Arjuna Noor has created a special interactive irt which can reflect your mood as well. MoodSpace by Interactive Art is a uniquely patented artwork which combines digital painting with photography and uses LED lighting to make images shift and change with shifting moods. The images are printed on archival pigment inks on museum grade canvas with custom surfaces including Frosted Acrylic, fabric, paper and glass lending the shine. The ambience is transformed with a whole wall of shimmering lights synchronized with music called ‘Ambient Jazz’ that evokes powerful emotions with vibrant and romantic themes such as Molten Love and Venice lights. And you don’t even have to worry about your moodlighting destroying the planet either as the artwork uses extreme green LED lighting that uses only a tiny fraction of electricity and enables a continuous usage of over 100,000 hours! The project currently is featured in the lobby of new Dubai City Marriott, the suites of a Ritz Carlton hotel and a lobby of the Hilton in Times Square, but you too can bring it home for a humble sum of $25,000.


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