$ / € – Exchange rate…

We in Europe are lucky with an exchange rate like this. Not according to our Dutch minister of finance, but according to our opinion. Okay, it’s bad for the international trade. But at the same time, it’s good for the US export.

Check out these things that I’ve just bought on eBay and compare prices:

Red Converse Navy Converse Converse All Stars, together for € 55.00, including shipping. One single pair costs € 60.00 in Europe.

Adidas red watch This Adidas watch (matching with the All Stars), for ony € 25.00, while it costs € 65.00 in store in Europe.

Not very big savings, but you can imagine what this does when the original amounts are higer. Think about cars, boats and high class clothing. This could save Europe some money. On the other hand, this can cost Europe some serious money when the American stop buying European products… Until the gouvernment rings the bell, I’m enjoying it.


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  1. favorited this one, man

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