Evisu Sample Sale in Amsterdam

Evisu HQ Amsterdam

Alright so me and Roel visited the first Evisu Sample sale since Evisu’s HQ is in Amsterdam. It’s too bad that the brand ‘died’ in Europe a couple of years ago. I think back of the days that I was one of the few that wore jeans by Evisu. That’s five or six years ago. After that, the hype began. And after that the fake Evisu flood started. People shopped Evisu at their holidays in Turkey, all to be part of this craze. At that point, I tried to stay loyal to my favorite brand (at that time), but after a year looking at the idiots wearing the fake, I just couldn’t continue spending hundreds of euros to a brand that was being demolished by idiots. Luckily, that fake flood stopped and hopefully, Evisu will be back. I really think that Evisu will be back within a year or two.


On the sample sale, I bought this little wallet for my change (to put in my car) and a pencil case. Japanese denim, what else.

Don't know where to look, so much

Wok To Walk
We had a quick bite at Wok To Walk. Favorite fastfood in the world.


3 responses to “Evisu Sample Sale in Amsterdam

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  2. hello what is adress of evisu (pics) on amsterdam?
    thanks again best regards

  3. Please e-mail us for further information. Thanks.

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