Knockoff Vertu?!

If you’ve read the story of the Evisu Sample sale a couple of days ago, you know how I think of knockoff products. I think that knockoff products destroy good working brands. People who spend hundreds or thousands of Euros on a product will see others spending merely a few bucks on a product that looks and feels the same. I was suprised to see that even the ultra high end Vertu luxury mobile phones have been counterfeited. The Chinese call it Veptu.


It comes with a 24K gold plated case finish and even with some diamonds. Which I bet are fake.

Talking about the specs, every VEPTU is equipped with a 262k TFT display, a 2.0 Mega-pixel digital camera, GPRS capability and can also be used as both an MP3 and MP4 music and video player. Still, don’t even expect a semblance of the stratospheric quality levels that Vertu mobile phones are known for. The knockoff Veptus sell for between $215 and $650.

Too bad.



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