Straight from Japan

Update: The store refuses to sell these for the price they offered, they went bankrupt. Busta’s… I’ll start looking for these at other stores…

I just ordered these headphones. I really really needed new ones and after having a lot of trouble on finding the perfect pair I decided to buy these Audio-Technica ATH-SE7.

Audio-Technica is a Japanese brand and most things that come from Japan are good: clothing, food, music and the female models.

I don’t wear these on normal occassions but only when I’m listening to my music for a long time. My iPod headphones are good enough to listen to music when I’m on the street, but for in airplanes or at home it’s nice to have some good headphones. These are dope!

They sure look hot and from what I’ve heard from Kevin, they are fire!


One response to “Straight from Japan

  1. Nice headphones, I agree with you that most things from japan are good =]

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