AMC Hornet Sportabout Gucci

Aldo Gucci, the son of Guccio Gucci (the founding father of the fashion house of Gucci) expanded into new markets that his father had never done business in. This included an agreement with American Motors Company. The 1972 AMC Hornet compact Sportabout stationwagon became one of the first American cars to offer a special luxury trim package that was designed by a fashion designer. The Gucci cars sported boldly striped green (or blue), red, and buff upholstery and on the door panels, as well as the designer’s emblems and exterior color selections.

At that time, the AMC Hornet was the coolest car ever. No wonder it featured on James Bond’s ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’.

I’m wondering when the next collaboration of Gucci with a car manufacturer will be. For instance, with the Audi TT (my favorite, too bad they stopped making the MK1 TT, the MK2 is nice too but the looks on the MK1 can’t be beaten, so pure). More pics inside of the Brutblog writers’ dream…

Gucci Sportabot

1972 AMC Hornet Gucci

Gucci TT

2008 Audi TT Gucci

Fingers crossed and let’s hope that Audi and Gucci read this…


2 responses to “AMC Hornet Sportabout Gucci

  1. Man I wish I had seats like this great shot of the new Audi TT addition stop by and check us out 🙂

  2. omg i love this stuff!

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