Veuve Clicquot Night Clubber

This Veuve Clicquot package consists of a luminous glass and a bottle taht allows every consumer to experience the festive opening of its bottle. The champagne bottle features double cap for blocking the stopper. The leather trim imparts the luxury feel and polished aluminium treatment is also given to accentuate the design. The package also features LED embedded in the metallic part of the glass. And, leather that surrounds the glass is punctured by a multitude of holes, champagne will be informed and be reflected through these holes to give a dimension to the preciousness of the champagne. The product has currently not backed by any manufacturer so is still in concept stage but the average price is valued at approximately $400. Not too much and in our humble opinion worth the money, for as far as we can judge right now. Veuve Clicquot: Feel free to send samples to Brutblog for more detailled reviews ;).




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