Blue Blood Sample Sale

On 29 and 30 may there was a Sample Sale held in Amsterdam at the Blue Blood HQ. Blue Blood is a Dutch denim brand and the quality, the fitting, the washing and the models of the jeans they produce is magnificent.

I’ve always been a fan of the sample sales by Blue Blood. There used to be something exclusive about it. The owner of Blue Blood, Steve te Pas, is the guy who brought Evisu to Europe (as you might know, my former favorite brand) with his company MoshiMoshi. The MoshiMoshi sample sales were exclusive, it was a privilege to be there and the first few Blue Blood sample sales had the same ambiance around it.

The last one didn’t have that special feeling. It felt if I was shopping in a store during the sales.

I hope Blue Blood can change this whole feeling again. It used to be something special and now it was so busy on the first day that a friend of mine directly turned around when he saw the waiting line.

Blue Blood Sample Sale S/S 2008

I went the last day and the choice was very limited. Lucky me, I found a pair of nice jeans with the illest washing ever and a basic Blue Blood v-neck t-shirt.

Sick washing.

Nice basic.

And the best feeling of the day? Having a drink at CaffePC in Amsterdam when thirsty.

With Roel. Peep the ride in the back.

Yeah, it was a nice day, thanks to Blue Blood. Hopefully the sample sale will be exclusive again next time!


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