For your coffeetable…

Here’s a little something for your coffeetable. These two books are not yet released, but the release will be within a few weeks. A sure go getter for us, worth to check ’em out.

Eric Kuster – Metropolitan Luxury
Eric Kuster is a Dutch interior architect whose creations are simply amazing. Famous club Jimmy Woo in our capitol are decorated by him and he has plenty of new projects up his sleeve. Check out his book ‘Metropolitan Luxury’, dropping in stores the 21st this month, available at

Wonderwall: Masamichi Katayama Projects N˚2
Japanese architectural firm Wonderwall has been at the forefront of design, being responsible for many of the world’s top retail locations and buildouts. Previous clients have included Bape, Uniqlo, Loopwheeler, OriginalFake, APC, BBC | Ice Cream and most recently colette. Their Wonderwall Masamichi Katayama Projects #2 is a book which documents their most rlatest works and projects over 250 pages. Available at Colette.


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