The best eBay items right now!

We found some hot items available right now on eBay. Time to raise the creditlimit on your creditcard to $25,000…

1. Dom Perignon cooler by Marc Newson

This limited edition was released at Colette, and it’s now available at eBay for the champagne or design lovers. – $ 1,980

2. Ice Cream Cones & Bones hoody re-release –  $ 230

Pondon is one of the few trustworthy sellers of Bape, BBC and Ice Cream on eBay. Powerseller with 100% positive feedback!

3. Ice Cream x Colette Reeboks – $ 1,700

These collector items were soldout within a few hours. Now the number 1 is available on eBay. It seems like the founder of Ice Cream, Pharrell, doesn’t own all of the 1st releases of the limited editions…

4. Louis Vuitton multicolor Keepall 45 – $ 2,550

Okay, so it’s a size or two too small, but the multicolor is one of the illest creations of mr. Murakami.

5. Vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk – $ 12,500

Imagine this baby standing in your hallway, doing nothing, just standing… Sigh…


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