This new brand will be launched this winter in december. Jason Denham used to be the man behind Blue Blood, together with Steve te Pas. In december ’07 he decided to say goodbye to Blue Blood and start travelling. In february Jason decided that it was time for his own brand. The first collection was finished in June. “I want to set up a fashion house for denim,” Denham says about his new company. The basis of that house is the jeans collection which Denham has collected over the course of time, as well as his extensive private archive.

The first collection, due in the summer of 2009, has been inspired by a pattern book from 1910 and the models have been named after the techniques which are described in that book – The Cutters – including ‘Cutter’, ‘Dart’, ‘Tape’ and ‘Tailor’. The production will be done in Japan and Italy by the jeans manufacturer Hiro. The key words are quality and originality. “It is a passion”, Denham explains. The brand’s subtitle is ‘The Jeanmaker’, with a pair of scissors as its logo. “The scissors I used to cut my very first pair of jeans 17 years ago.”

Jason Denham on the right, together with Alex Jaspers from Blue Blood.

The first collection, which will be delivered in December, has not yet been presented at any trade fairs, but it has already enjoyed some small scale sales in the Netherlands (Spoiled), Germany (14oz) and the United Kingdom (Harvey Nichols). Retail prices start at 150 euro and can run up to 500 euro. Denham will be introduced at the Bread&Butter fashion trade fair in Barcelona in January. The collection will be expanded into a complete clothing collection for ladies and gents before this launch, with tops, jumpers and coats in addition to the jeans.

The premises in Amsterdam, from which Denham’s own shop will be launched in December, will also be home to the new brand’s head office and showroom. “I want everything to happen in the same place, so customers can also gain some first hand knowledge of how we work. It will be a unique experience.”

We’ll update you on when and where the jeans will be available.


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