NYC Sanrio Luxe Conceptstore

In New York, Sanrio opened their Sanrio Luxe store on West 42nd Street. The word ‘luxe’ means that the store now carries very few cheap items, like stickers and cell phone charms, and instead devotes significant space to $200+ clothing, jewelry, shoes and collaboration items which were formerly Japan exclusives (like the Hello Kitty x Porter collab).

It doesn’t look like most of these items are available online, so the Times Square location should become a mecca for a new level of Sanrio collector. Need Hello Kitty luggage, silk dresses with retro prints, a leather bag with mink accents, or a pink cashmere baby scarf? You can’t say you don’t know what you’re getting into when you step into the new store though, as they’ve redone their candy shop interior to be boutique with Baccarat chandeliers and lush dressing rooms. We can’t help thinking that this concept would fare better in Soho, but their people will come.



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