Amsterdam Evisu Sample Sale

Even though we’re not such a big fan of Evisu anymore as we used to be (as we mentioned in this post), we still got love for the Japanese brand.

For all of you maniacs, the next sample sale will be held in Amsterdam, on the 25th of november.


We hope that Evisu comes back to pole position, where they used to stand. The only thing they need is support. All go out and rock those Evisu Genes again, so the brand can make a big comeback.


3 responses to “Amsterdam Evisu Sample Sale

  1. Oh my .. I cant believe I missed this one out…
    I remember the moshi moshi times.
    So, do you need an actual ” invitation” just like with the moshi moshi?

  2. Hi,

    Would you know when the next sample sale will be please? And how to get an invitation? I just love their kids collection…

    • I’m not sure when. I think june or july, but they might as well don’t throw a sample sale. It depends… When I get my invite, I’ll post it up. Be sure to check the Blog on a regular basis.

      Once you know when the sample sale is, you might want to call them for an invite…

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