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We’re back baby!



Sorry, excusé

We’re very sorry that the new blog is taking so long to come. We have some issues getting our old posts in our new design. We hope that the blog will be back whitin a few weeks.

Stay tuned… And please keep your fingers crossed!


Under Construction

We hate websites that only display ‘Under Construction’, so the blog is staying online. But as you might have noticed, we haven’t posted anything in a while.

Not because we don’t want to, but because we’re working on a new site. Until the time we finish that, we won’t be posting much.

Keep an eye out for the new in a couple of weeks.

Update: We’re working on a dope new design. won’t be available for about two weeks. Meanwhile you can surf to the blog with the URL See you soon on the new BRUTBLOG.

Snow White

Just HAD to blog this. So clever!

Via: Likecool

New toy

Came in today, a new phone. Instead if my old 8800 Sirocco, the 8800 Sapphire Arte.

The best fragrance in the world

They did it again.

Oops: WordPress for iPhone turned the image around, shame on them, so try bending ya necks for a change…


Yes, we’re in London. Looking for inspiration to blog. We’ll be back soon!