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The best fragrance in the world

They did it again.

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Yes, we’re in London. Looking for inspiration to blog. We’ll be back soon!

Strellson Spring/Summer 2009

We’ve checked all of the ins and outs of Strellson‘s 2009 s/s collection, and we must say that there are a couple of items that are pretty nice. The sickest item is definately the grey one button jacket, with the shawl collar. Very nice. Just pre-ordered this one.

Part of a so called shark suit, this is the color that I’ve been searching for for about a year right now. Add that to the fact that I’m a big fan of one buttened, deep cut (smoking) jackets and you have a match.

Customize your LV

This is what we’re planning on doing when buying our next LV: customizing it. With the Mon Monogram program, which started in late October, shoppers can customize one of two handbags and have them made and delivered from France. Shipping generally takes less than four weeks but could take up to eight.

The South Coast Plaza boutique is one of just three in the nation – including Beverly Hills and New York – that is offering the service. Sales associates assist customers at a computer station where there are mix-and-match swatches.

Shoppers can choose between the Speedy 30 and the larger Keepall Bandouliere 55 handbags. Customization includes up to three characters, a choice of placement and type of stripe, and two choices among 16 colors.

Imagine rocking a custom Keepall 55… The cost of all this? Add 30% to the price before VAT and there you have it. Worth the money because you create an ever lasting piece of luggage that’s unique and one of a kind.

Came in with yesterdays mail

Tom Ford for on the streets, Ray Ban for the beach…

New Adidas Originals Website

Our boys from LimitedHype gave us an interesting heads up about the new Adidas website. Looks dope. Take a look.

Source: LimitedHype

LV Spring / Summer 09 Sneakers

Normally we’re all into Louis Vuitton. Almost everything that the brand produces is beautiful, everything except the shoeline. This could be way better, like Lanvin did or like some of the pairs that Gucci released (because Gucci is having an hard time too on coming with nice shoes).

Here’s a little peek on the upcoming collection. The hi tops remind me of the Nike Blazers and the low ones of Converse Allstars. But why did they have to put a zipper in those low sneakers? These would have been interesting if they just had laces. Right now, I’m not even thinking about buying these. Too bad.

Source: Limited Hype / CadmusFamily