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Yes, we’re in London. Looking for inspiration to blog. We’ll be back soon!


The Red Sun

There are a couple of restaurants that every Asian food lover should check out. Hakkasan London, Buddha Bar Paris, Nobu and Chang-i in Amsterdam to call a few. The Red Sun in Blaricum is one which belongs in this same line of restaurants. Check out their website for the menu.

Blaricum is located near Naarden, so after shopping at Het Arsenaal we advice you to have a bite at The Red Sun!

Miljonair Fair

From Thursday December 11th to Monday December 15th the annual Miljonair Fair (no, this isn’t misspelled, it’s Dutch for millionaire) is being held at Amsterdam RAI.

Luxury first. That’s the credo. A small iPhone photo impression below!

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Moet&Chandon Cooler by Grady

Check out this new line that French designer Jean Marc Grady has designed for Moet&Chandon. It includes buckets, a drink cooler, bowl, candlesticks and platters. The drink bucket is sure a head turner. The base is lit when the bottle of wine is in the bucket inviting you to pick it up and goes dark the moment the wine is off the bucket. We got to have one…

$100 Water…

Bling Water is all the rage in the elite circles these days and Osaka-based super-glam bottled water brand Fillico Beverly Hills just upped the ante for other water brands with their $100-a-bottle water. Featuring a frosted glass bottle decorated with Swarovski crystals and etched with gold paint, the bottle retails for double the price if you decide to opt for a silver or gold crown! The water comes from a natural spring in Kobe and the bottle sells at the exclusive Ritz Carlton in Tokyo. For that kinda price you’d think the water will have properties that make you immortal or lets you stay young forever but it just does what regular tap water does-quench thirst.