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How to buy a tux!

This is one of the best items ever seen in GQ so we had to share this. Brandon Flowers from The Killers shows us how to wear a tuxedo and all of it’s accessories, so you know where to invest in. Invest, yes, because an entire tux outfit can run in the thousands, but it can be done for less. All the self proclaimed connoisseurs should definitely check this out! Read more after the jump! Continue reading


AmEx Centurion Rewards Points

Every American Express Centurion (or black card) owner receives each year a list with high priced items that they can buy with their American Express rewards points. For each dollar you spend, you get a point. The list has a nice wine for $50,000 points, a pool table for 2.3M points.  But best of all, it had a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo.  For 9.5M points, your can have a 12 month lease on a new Gallardo.
You can choose the Gallardo for a year, or $0.01 per point. This means that a 12 month lease through the rewards program translates to $95,000. After spending 9.5 million, we’d stick with the Gallardo to heal the wounds.

Cosa Nostra Phantom

This is how to to rock matte paint on your Phantom Drophead. That, plus the 24 inches make this distingueshed Rolls suddenly so sinister. We love it, the owner of this Rolls knows how to do it. Who cares what the salesman at Rolls Royce tells you to do? “I suggest you take it in silver, with ivory leather.”

– “Fuck that, put the matte black on it, with black leather and black 24″ rims.” This is style, not caring at all.


Victoria’s Secret’s Black Diamond Miracle Bra

Remember the jewel-studded 2007 Fantasy Bra from Victoria’s Secret? Thought that one was nice? Have a look at this…

This latest superbra, worn by Adriana Lima, costs about € 3,860,000. That’s three-million-eight-hundred-and-sixty-thousand euros. That’s $ 5,110,000! The Black Diamond Miracle Bra is adorned with 3,900 precious gems, tiny black diamonds, 117 one-carat round diamonds and 34 rubies.

It doesn’t come with bodyguards, which we suggest you hire while wearing this.

Obstacle… Big Dog has never heard of that word

If I’m going to climb a mountain I will definitely hop on this dog’s back.
Have a look at this interesting piece of work.

Big Dog by Boston Dynamics

Bollinger x 007 Champagne pack

This 007 pack has a uniquely shaped box around the bottle. The box can be used as a potent box to store your essentials as it has a key at the end. The whiff of exclusivity isn’t spared here, either, as only 207 of these exclusive bottles will be produced, and each of them will be numbered. Such grace is rare for a Champagne bottle and therefore we won’t mind paying $5,765 for it.

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