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Yes, we’re in London. Looking for inspiration to blog. We’ll be back soon!


Mr. Oizo in Amsterdam

This saturday, the worldfamous French electro DJ Mr. Oizo, will do is thang in Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands. We’ll be there. You too?

For bonus, one of our favorite Dutch DJ’s, Mr. Wix will spin the tables too! Be there.

Universal Mind Control

We had to give you an headsup about Common’s new EP. All of the tracks are fresh. You should definitely check this out!

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B&O + Silanco

You’re probably wondering what’s so special about these speakers, apart from the fact that they’re Bang&Olufsen and that they’re white.

Anyone who rocks white sneakers knows how hard it is to keep them white. B&O teamed up with Italian fabric makers Silanco to make a special fabric that stays white. Silanco found a solution that keeps these speakers free of dust, dirt and fading.

Source: LimitedHype

808’s & Heartbreak by Kaws


Kanye West will be releasing his latest album next week, November 24th. Maybe you’ve seen this already on iTunes and you might have noticed that none other than one of our favorite artists, Kaws, has designed it.

Only five more days of waiting left…

Source: LimitedHype

Ratatat – Lex

Remember the Daft Punk mix for Louis Vuitton? This was the most bangin’ part of it.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2008

Amsterdam Dance Event 2008

Just be there. Click the image for more info.