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We’re back baby!



Sorry, excusé

We’re very sorry that the new blog is taking so long to come. We have some issues getting our old posts in our new design. We hope that the blog will be back whitin a few weeks.

Stay tuned… And please keep your fingers crossed!


We’re in Paris baby

So it’s a little bit quiet on the blog. Soon more on Paris!

Evian × Jean Paul Gaultier

Every year for Christmas, French water maker Evian presents a collaboration bottle with an artist.  This year they worked with high fashion designer and Hermès Creative Director Jean Paul Gaultier.

Evian by Jean Paul Gaultier

Evian by Jean Paul Gaultier

Why would I post this pic…


White jeans are back again. It was 23 degrees Centigrade today in The Netherlands, will summer finally come?